Hey, Brown Girl

Janay Harden
published March 10, 2021
Hey, Brown Girl

17-year-old Raven Jamison, and her three best friends, Nia, Jasmine, and Trinity, make up The Brown Girls Club. The girls spend long and carefree days in their bayou town of Lake Lacroix, nestled behind the big city of New Orleans.

A dinner time knock at the door abruptly changes everything.

When child protective services descend on their doorstep dropping off her younger cousin Carter, Raven is suddenly thrust into a brand new reality. Generational ties that affected the entire family for decades soon resurface. Carter’s presence rips at the Jamison household, and his aggressive and shocking behaviors may prove too much to handle for this seemingly picture perfect family.

Raven, her family and friends must work together to overcome their shared pain and help Carter find his voice before it’s too late.

Hey, Brown Girl is a compelling and thought-provoking young adult novel about struggle, forgiveness and hope. When this Melanin rich family finds strength in their shared bonds, it’s undeniable proof . . . love conquers all.

This YA book is listed in Young Adult books 15 +   literary Young adult books  

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